Following a car, truck or motorcycle accident, the personal injury victim is most concerned with obtaining the best medical care for his/her injuries, and understandably so. After the victim successfully concludes treatment, the settlement aspect of the claim begins. The victim should never settle their case prior to conclusively knowing they have resolved all of their medical issues and have been placed into a position that mirrors their pre-accident status or has reached a level known as maximum medical improvement and their medical issues are permanent and stationary (essentially this means they are neither improving or getting worse). Only at this point can proper valuation of the accident victim’s personal injury claim begin (see The Roadmap of a Personal Injury Claim and What’s the Value of a Personal Injury Claim?) The use of experts come into play during the settlement process if the issues are complex, complicated or for one reason or another, not straightforward.  Additionally, should the matter not settle and litigation is commenced, experts likewise become just as important, if not more so. Car, truck and motorcycle accident personal injury victims often think that their doctors are the experts who will be used to support or substantiate their claim. However, there are countless other experts who play just as an important role. When there is a question about how the accident occurred, an accident reconstruction expert will be used to prove how the accident transpired, focusing on the speeds involved, the angle of collision, the impacts sustained to the vehicles, etc. When there are issues of how particular injuries occurred, retention of a biomechanical engineer is critical to demonstrate how the body reacts to certain conditions created during an accident. This expert will demonstrate how collisions at different speeds and at different angles will manipulate the body in certain ways which cause injury. When there are issues of  how much lifetime care will be necessary or how much that care will cost, using a life care planner will be vital. This expert will provide the opposing side with a thorough break-down of required treatments and the lifetime cost for that treatment.  The list of experts goes on and on and this brief overview is intended to demonstrate that medical experts are only a small piece of the personal injury puzzle, especially when the matter involves issues which are placed in question. If you have been involved in a car, truck or motorcycle accident and would like to speak with our accident lawyer, contact us anytime.

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